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Information updated 10 July 2020

Our club activities are subject to disruption due to the current outbreak of coronavirus. Unfortunately, we have had to take the decision to cancel our Couch to 5k programme and our 5-10k programme.

Normal club runs are also SUSPENDED.

The science remains unchanged. Running in a small group - while taking the precautionary measures that we introduced - still presents only a very small risk; much less than visiting a supermarket or working indoors. We did, however, say that we would continue to review government advice on social interaction and social distancing, and to react to any changes that were made.

Over the weekend of 21-22 March 2020, there was widespread coverage of the public visiting parks and other popular outdoor locations to take exercise. But they didn’t follow the guidlines on maintaining a physical distance from others.

On 23 March 2020 the First Minister of Scotland held her regular televised briefing. In that briefing, both the First Minister and the Chief Medical Officer announced that, if exercising outside, it should now be restricted to doing so alone or in small household groups. Thus the official advice has changed. We always said that if that happened, we would follow the revised advice including, if necessary, stopping our runs.

It’s still perfectly OK to go outside and run on your own or with members of your household (which means those living at the same place). You still need to take the same precautions as before.

The same day, the Prime Minister announced significant further restrictions on freedom of movement. On Thursday 26th March, formal regulations came into force.

On 10th May, the First Minister announced a slight relaxation in the guidelines for exercise. These now allow for us to exercise more than once a day - you can go for a walk in the morning and a run in the evening. In fact, she said that we can exercise as often as we like! All other restrictions remain in place.

On 28th May, the First Minister announced the first phase in the easing of restrictions. These remove many of the restrictions on OUTDOOR activity. They also allow members of not more than two households to meet up, but only out of doors and in a maximum group of 8 people. Social distancing precautions must remain in place. You can find full details about the phase 1 guidelines HERE

When you are exercising, you must stay relatively close to your own home (suggested to be within 5 miles) and at all times at least two metres away from people from other households.

The guidance of 28th May says that you can drive to a LOCAL location for your run. However, both UK and Scottish governments are discouraging unnecessary travel and the advice is that you should preferably walk, wheel or cycle where possible. Hence, although travelling is legal, you SHOULD NOT travel more than the recommended maximum distance to exercise. Ideally, you should stay local, starting and finishing your exercise at home.

The regulations that apply in Scotland are The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations 2020. A link to the regulations is available in the sidebar. The regulations were amended on 16th April, but none of the changes affect exercise. A link to the amendments is also available in the sidebar. The relaxation of 10th May was a change to the Scottish Government guidelines - the regulations did not change.

THESE ARE THE DEFINITIVE GUIDELINES AS TO WHAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO. The regulations are the LAW, and no advice from friends, Google, Facebook or even official government sources can change them. If the government wants to change the LAW, these regulations have to be amended.

The full NHS document "Guidance for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings" contains a lot of detail about how the virus spreads, etc. You can find a copy HERE. Although this refers to healthcare settings, much of the technical content applies to the wider context of COVID-19 in the community.


  • What Can We Do Now?

    You can still go out and run on your own or with members of your household and one other household as long as the total group is not more than 8 people. However, PLEASE continue to follow official advice, our run protocol, and continue to monitor your own health.

    Please take account of official information. This is likely to change as time goes by and we all have to keep our knowledge up to date.

    You can take the opportunity of this time to let any injuries heal properly.

    You can build up your musculoskeletal system using strength & flexibility exercises so that you can come back stronger than ever!

    We’ll look into other ways we can maintain our community - through, for example, virtual challenges.

  • Where Can We Run?

    The legislation does not impose a restriction on travelling to exercise. However, official guidelines discourage travelling to your favourite location. You can travel up to 5 miles, but you should normally start and finish your exercise at home.

    There is no official advice regarding restrictions on how far you can run. The legislation does not impose a legal limit on either the distance or duration of exercise.

    We’ll provide a map of Falkland Estate, with all our usual way-points marked. If you don’t have to travel to get there, this will allow you to plan routes to run on your own, avoiding the busy areas.

    PLEASE be responsible when planning a route:

    • Avoid the busiest areas where it can become difficult to maintain physical distancing.
    • Avoid any remote areas or "off-piste" trails. If you twist an ankle, or trip and hit your head, you won’t have first aid backup and might be stuck. We need to minimise the risk of having to call the emergency services for assistance.
    • DO follow the NFU Scotland guidance on public access to farmland during Covid-19
    • DO carry a first aid kit - and know how to use it!
    • DO carry carry your mobile phone - and make sure it’s charged up!
    • DO give someone (generally, your family) a note of your proposed route and when you expect to be home.
    • DO think about your route, what might go wrong, and take any appropriate additional precautions
    • DO follow any other precautions recommended for outdoor activities.
  • How Do I Know If It’s OK For Me To Go Out?

    Please take account of official information. This is likely to change as time goes by and we all have to keep our knowledge up to date.

    Check whether you are included in the list of those who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus. SEE THE LIST

    Remember the symptoms of Covid-19. The symptoms are either:

    • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
    • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
    • a loss or reduction of the sense of taste or smell

    If you have - or anyone with whom you have been in contact has - ANY of the symptoms that suggest you may be infected by the virus, please self-isolate.

  • If you are in any doubt, consult the governments’s medical advice and, if appropriate, seek advice from the authorities.

Government advice will continue to be monitored and run protocols updated as necessary.

 IMPORTANT: Most of the information on this page has been obtained from government, health service or other credible sources. The author of the page is not a medical professional, is not qualified to provide advice, and the content of the page does not constitute advice, whether medical or otherwise. Where an interpretation has been expressed, the author’s best efforts have been used, with the intent to be accurate and objective. The global position regarding coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease which can result from the virus (COVID-19) is fast-moving and official advice changes daily - often more frequently - as new information becomes available and judgements made. Therefore, any information and/or interpretation contained on this page may be out of date. You should therefore NOT rely upon any content within this page, and no liability is accepted for any errors, omissions or temporal lag in the content. You should use it as general guidance only, and as the basis of your own research into the current state of knowledge and advice as you follow up official announcements.