You Got Fit? WELL DONE!<br /> Here’s How You Can Keep Going.
Photo from a Got Fit Falkland run.

You Got Fit? WELL DONE!
Here’s How You Can Keep Going..

You successfully completed "Get Fit Falkland". Congratulations - that’s an amazing achievement and you should be rightly proud. So - what do you do now?

Here are some options:

Every Monday evening. 6:30pm. Normally, we start from the "Duck Pond" car park. The run is a gentle affair, everyone going at the pace of the slowest runner. The emphasis is on just getting out there and keeping the fitness that you worked so hard to build up. It will NEVER be a challenging route. Being in Falkland it’s inevitable that there may be a small hill - but nothing arduous or unachievable. The distance will be 4.5-5.5km- NEVER more than that.

There’s no need to book for either of these options. Just turn up and run. And the run leaders will almost always be someone you know from Get Fit Falkland.

You’ve all done it at least once, and you survived it. There’s nothing to stop you dong it again. Once a month, or once a week. That’s up to you. You know about the parkrun at St Andrews, but there are others in the area - most notably in Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, Lochore Meadows, Perth and Dundee.
jogscotland is a network of groups throughout the nation. They are under the umbrella of scottishathletics but they cater for recreational runners rather than competing members. You can find a list of jogscotland groups at their web site.