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Download our leaflet - we’re an initiative that helps people just like you to become more active.

How Much Does It Cost?

We want to remove as many barriers to participation as possible. But we don’t get any financial help from anyone and, although your leaders are unpaid volunteers, we do have to cover our costs. So we can’t provide the beginners’ programme for free. But we’ve been able to keep the cost to the very minimum.

Fitness sessions tend to cost about £5 a week, which is good value. But the cost for our "Couch to 5k" programme is a remarkable £25.00 for the entire programme! PLUS you get a free Bonus Week. AND you also get a free programme T-shirt! AND we provide free refreshments at the end of each session.

Slimming World logo Slimming World Ladybank sponsors our Couch to 5K programme.

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Are you ready to become a new you?  To transform yourself from a ‘couch potato’ to the fit, healthy and energetic person you know you can be?

We’re here to help you get started and to improve. We’re a group of runners of all abilities, shapes, sizes and ages. Our main challenge, though, is to get people just like you off their bums and get them active.

Our Couch to 5K programme is an initiative exclusively for beginners.

We’re ready to help you be the person you want to be. To believe in yourself. To get fit! All that YOU need to do is WANT to get fit, and to follow our proven programme.

Not Sure If You Can Do It?

Fancy the idea of jogging or running but not sure if you’re up to it?

That’s a normal reaction.  Nearly everyone starts with low expectations.  But almost everyone who starts this programme will achieve their goal.  It’s designed precisely to help people just like you. To help you do one thing - succeed!

If you have a medical condition that makes you wonder whether you can do out progamme, take a look at our HEALTHCHECK page.

Help At Every Step

As you set out on this exciting journey, you won’t be on your own. Led by trained leaders, the group will undertake the challenge as equals, all starting together, all succeeding together. Pulling each other along.