About Us
photo of group sitting on grass


Let’s get one thing clear - we are NOT an "athletics club".
We ARE a group of keen runners who want to help others get, and stay, active.

Not many people actually wake up one morning, suddenly thinking they want to be a runner. Most are ordinary folk who enjoy getting out in the open a couple of times each week, meeting up with friends and enjoying the changing seasons.

As run leaders, we see our job as one of encouragement and reassurance. Our team includes people from their 30s to their 70s. There’s a good balance of male and female leaders, with a range of family and work profiles that is a good reflection of our members. All of this means that our leaders really can relate to you.

We used our knowledge and experience to specifically design our initiatives to help you switch off the telly, get off your couch and become a bit more active. We aim to take you from no ability to running half an hour or 5K. That’s an amazing challenge - but one that’s achievable by anyone who really wants to do it. At the end, you too will be a real runner.

We know that you can do it. We know, because we’ve been in exactly your position. Every one of our leaders has been on their couch, watching telly with pizza in one hand and a drink in the other. Every one of them took the decision to get a little bit fitter. And every one of them went through our programme, finding themselves running their first 5km. We provide the help you need when you ask for it ... and know when to back off because you want to achieve things by yourself.

Once you’ve achieved your goal, we provide weekly "maintenance runs" that will never be much more than 5k in length and that go at a pace that everyone in the group can manage. For those that want to try to do a little bit more, we’ll help you do that too. If you’re still not sure, well we’ll just be glad to have helped you on your journey to a longer and happier life!