Where and When We Meet
photo of a group of our members.


Normal Weekly Activities

We meet every Thursday evening at 6:30pm for a group run, normally in Falkland Estate. We ,meet at the "Duck Pond" car park or "Forest of Falkland Gateway" car park (AKA The Pillars of Hercules) on alternate months. The current meeting point is posted each week on our Facebook group page. The run is a gentle affair, everyone going at the pace of the slowest runner. The emphasis is on just getting out there and keeping the fitness that you worked so hard to build up. The distance will be 4.5-5.5km - NEVER more than that. It will never be a very hard route - but, being in Falkland, it’s inevitable that there may be a hill or two. That means there will usually be a bit of a challenge at some point, but it will take account of the ability of those taking part and never be unachievable. Isn't that just the way you like it?

On Sunday mornings, we gather at 10:00am for a choice of runs - either 5k or a run of 8-10km. Usually, we meet at the "Duck Pond" car park and follow a route in Falkland Estate. However, for the sake of variety and keeping things interesting, we quite often have a day at some other location, or perhaps a suitable race. As with all our runs, our pace is that of the slowest runner. The 8-10km run isn't for beginners - you should be comfortable running at least 5 miles. We still don't run non-stop, though - there are regular stops to regroup and catch our breath.

Running With Us

We welcome visitors to our group runs - just turn up and speak to the run leader. We want our sessions to be fun, but also safe. We don’t expect anything to go wrong, but prefer to plan for the worst. We’ll ask you to fill out a form that tells us a bit about you, and who to contact should we need to do so.

All our regular sessions are free. We provide tea/coffee/cold drinks/biscuits, etc. at the end of each run. If you would like to help cover our costs, we usually put out a "charity-style" collection tin and you can drop a donation in there.

If you would like to run with us regularly, you should consider registering with us. There’s no membership fee, and anyone over 18 is welcome. To register, just click the link.

Sorry, but we can’t let anyone under 18 register with us. However, those between 16 and 18 can also come along but they MUST be accompanied by an adult, who must also take part in the activity and take responsibility for them.

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Many members go to their local parkrun each Saturday morning. You’ve all done it at least once, and you survived it. There’s nothing to stop you dong it again. Once a month, or once a week. That’s up to you. You know about the parkrun at St Andrews, but there are others in the area - most notably in Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, Lochore Meadows, Loch Leven, Perth and Dundee.

There are also lots of jogscotland groups that you can go to. Like Get Fit Falkland, jogscotland groups are all part of the jogscotland network of groups throughout the nation. They are under the umbrella of scottishathletics but they cater for recreational runners rather than competing members. You can find a list of jogscotland groups at their web site.