Your Leaders
photo of a group of our Jog leaders


They've been through it themselves!

We are very lucky to have a fantastic group of volunteers. Every one of them has completed the Run Leader course, including essential first aid, and possibly has other additional qualifications.

That's important. But maybe even more important is that each leader knows what you’re about to go through, because they’ve been through it themselves!

Every one of your leaders has started the programme in week 1, probably harbouring the same doubts and fears that you have right now. That's what's so special about our programme. Learning to become more active won't be like a military Boot Camp. Your leaders will never expect more than you are capable of. They'll encourage you, not shout at you. They're all ages and a good mix of men and women, so you'll find someone that will empathise with your concerns and help you prove to yourself - and the world - that you're capable of so much more than seems possible.


photo of Malcolm Mactavish Malcolm is our principal leader. He began running when he was in his twenties, and took part in the third ever Great North Run. He gave up when twins came along and, over the next thirty years, became heavier, started to take pills for high blood pressure, and was on his way to real problems. In February 2012, he decided not to just sit back and go to an early grave. He made the decision to lose weight.

Looking around for ways to do that, he stumbled upon the NHS Couch to 5K programme. Nine weeks later, he was jogging/running for half an hour and had entered his first 5k fun run.  Since then, he’s become hooked.  In September 2013, he completed the Great North Run - thirty years after his first time.

Although he started out at 97kg, he lost an amazing 30 kilos (almost 5 stone). He still counts his calories every day. But knows that the occasional treat does no harm - especially since you can run those calories off!

He is a fully qualified UK Athletics coach. Oh - and one more thing - in 2015 he completed his first ever marathon, at the age of 60!


photo of Rod Cooke Rod joined us in October 2014 after realising he could not keep up with his young daughter as she practiced for her school sports. Having previously been a regular Hillwalker and Fun Runner, solo attempts to regain that fitness came down to over doing it and ending up scunnered!

The gradual approach of the program along with the group atmosphere ensured he completed the program and transitioned to club running.

As well as getting fitter Rod has lost 16Kgs and whilst he has no expectations of being a race winner he enjoys the personal challenge of participating in events including 10K at the Cape Wrath Challenge, The Tiger Escapade. the East Fife Triathlon and many local races. In 2016, he undertook the ultimate running challenge - he completed his first ultra-marathon!

Running has given him the ability and motivation to fulfil challenges which he thought he’d never see again.


photo of Bill Gillan Bill and his partner Teri were persuaded by a friend to come along to our Couch to 5k programme in January 2014. We didn't know it at the time, but he was about to start a new activity that would change his day to day life.

Bill retired in 2016 and now has time to spend doing what he loves most. Playing a wide range of musical instruments. Keeping an equally wide range of animals - a dog, some ducks and chickens and a pair of goats. And running.

He’s become quite competitive - definitely the fastest jog leader in the area!


photo of Carolann Kinnear Carolann has gone through both our Couch to 5k programme and the 10k one. She’s now aiming for a half marathon! Carolann does an amazing job of accompanying and encouraging our less confident members and even organises some extra informal sessions to help them build up their ability.

If you need someone to talk to and share your doubts and worries, Carolann is the most patient of people!