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Please note that your answer to the questions in the first section are very important.

Questions about the details of any disability are optional.

If the answer to any question is 'none', please just leave the answer space blank.

Your Current Health
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(NOTE: A slight ache is fine. Being out of breath is also OK. But if you feel real pain then, sorry, but we can’t accept you onto the programme)

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Why You Are Participating

(These questions are only asked so that we know whether we need to take special care of you)

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What We Need To Know

PAGE 1 - How Ready You Are. Making us aware of your health history helps us make sure you can take part in our sessions safely. Your details will only be available to our run leaders and, should the need arise, to the emergency services.

PAGE 2 - Your personal information.  Who you are and how we can get in touch with you.

PAGE 3 - Some options regarding your membership.

PAGE 4 - Emergency contact. We don’t expect anything to go wrong. But, if it does, we need to know who we should contact.

Occasionally, we participate in university research studies that investigate participation in our programmes. As part of this, we may gather together data provided during the registration process and provide this as data for use in the research.

The data is limited to information provided on this page, plus age and locality. It is "anonymised" and will not include any personal data such as your name, address, contact details, etc.